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17th July

QoSQo Ville

Come out for a laugh

Your amazing host Patsy B. Ducklings is part of the Monarchy of RoyalTea in Kaiserslautern, Germany and this is her Luxembourg debut! She will be filling your night with glamour and laughter while she presents your acts at Qosqo Chill Lounge.

Festrogen Feedback

This is what participants have had to say about us

“Bestrogen [of the Festrogen] was the kind of magic that you wish you could bottle and keep forever! Amazing audience and electrifying atmosphere. Definitely something Luxembourg has been missing for a very long time.”

Audience member and workshop participant

"Anyone who's ever had so much as a millisecond flirtation with the idea of doing comedy should and absolutely must attend this workshop. Even if you don't want to pursue a stage career, the lessons taught at the workshop will help you with whatever you aspire to be in life."

Festrogen Workshop Participant

"I would have never dared to try standup comedy if not for the Festrogen workshops! It gave me all the tools I needed to get started: writing exercises, stage tips and a great community of amazing and inspiring ladies!”

Workshop participant in 2022

"Best experience ever! Lots of fun, support, learning and great people. Thanks a lot!!"

Workshop participant and audience member

"Best workshop I've ever been to! I can't wait for next year to do it all over again!"

Returning workshop participant

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